Invitation to Sponsor & Exhibit

There has never been a more exciting time in Subway® Australia and New Zealand! Our guests are tasting the changes to our core ingredients and our fresh menu options and experiencing our vibrant next-generation restaurants. These exciting changes are all part of the Subway® brand evolution that’s occurred over the past two years.

In May 2023, the Subway® business will come together to celebrate our brand transformation and explore our roadmap for the year ahead, at the Subway® 2023 Australia & New Zealand Convention. This will be a time for our Franchisees and wider Vendor network to collaborate, learn and engage with one another.

While our biennial conventions are always exciting opportunities to celebrate innovation, quality and the success of our Subway® family, SUBCON 2023 will also represent significant progress for us toward our restaurant and menu revitalisation and this success is cause for additional celebration. Since our last event, our brand repositioning across Australia and New Zealand has continued to take place. We’ve also launched third-party delivery, the Subway® Australia app and Subcard® loyalty program. Multiple stages of our menu evolution have been completed and we’re setting a new standard for our guest experience with our next-generation restaurants.

While fast-paced changes have been made in the Subway® business, there is more exciting progress still to be made, which is why we are inviting you to partner with us for SUBCON 2023. Our Franchisees are eager to connect with our Suppliers to learn more about their products, equipment and services. Many of our Franchisees are considering the changes and investment for their business. Now is the ideal opportunity to connect directly with our community to increase knowledge of products and understand our guests’ feedback.

We are inviting you to the SUBCON 2023 in Melbourne, to join the key stakeholders of the Subway® brand, both as a participant, but also as a Sponsor and Exhibitor. We are asking valued Suppliers from financing, technology, equipment, food and marketing to join us for this event, as Sponsors, Exhibitors and part of our Subway® family. As a Sponsor and Exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to showcase your products and services to our Delegates: Business Developers and their teams, Franchisees and their teams, IPC Asia Pacific and its team as well as Subway® and its leadership team.

Subway® remains the largest quick-service restaurant chain in both Australia and New Zealand and is also growing rapidly across Asia Pacific. With the IPC servicing the Asia Pacific, this is an opportunity to grow with Subway®.

As a valued Supplier of Subway® I invite you to join us for SUBCON 2023. Thank you for your ongoing support, I look forward to connecting with you in Melbourne.


Shane Bracken
Subway® Australia and New Zealand
Managing Director

I’m excited we’ll soon come together face-to-face as one community; to learn, share, and celebrate at the Subway® 2023 Australia & New Zealand Convention. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant we’ve had to adapt in many ways. We’re incredibly grateful for all our Vendors work to support the Subway® brand and franchisees over this time. 

I’m looking forward to safely joining you at SUBCON 2023.  

IPC Asia Pacific has always been very proud of our role in enabling this unique event to happen; and for the support and involvement that you, our Vendors, undertake. Therefore, it’s essential to have this time together to fully engage in the many, fast-paced changes directed by the brand and implemented by IPC Asia Pacific and you, our Vendors. Even more so now, as we haven’t had the chance to connect face to face for some time.  

At our last Convention in 2018, this event also became the vehicle for enabling change. After the event, many transformative elements worked on over previous years started appearing in regional restaurants. Since then, we have continued supporting this extraordinary brand’s transformation from the many food items to the evolving packaging portfolio, equipment, and restaurant design items. As a result, many franchisees have upgraded their restaurants as the dynamic development plans rolled out quickly. In addition, the new and improved services now available through technology in the retail space are of increasing interest and importance, which will be showcased this year. 

At the last Convention, we introduced a larger Technology Zone, allowing vendors to showcase a range of required and optional products to franchisees. Following the success of the Technology Zone, Vendors saw increased sales and better engagement. In 2023, we intend to increase the size and scope of this area and run several workshops and support sessions on how to engage with a growing range of technology products and services better and more fully.  

The vast array of food, packaging, equipment, décor, distribution, technology, support, and service sector vendors required to enable Subway® restaurants to open and operate daily cannot be underestimated. This event is a truly rare opportunity for franchisees to interact directly with your business; to understand what’s on offer; to taste, touch and discuss those items.  

By demonstrating these products, franchisees make informed choices about what to choose and what to push in their restaurants. Therefore, I formally invite you to join us as a sponsor, exhibitor and, most importantly, as part of the Subway® community in Melbourne at SUBCON 2023. We look forward to working with you to embrace this opportunity to connect with your customers.  

Duane Barber
President and CEO, IPC Asia Pacific