Join us for SUBCON 2023!

I’d like to formally invite you to join us for the biggest event on the Subway® calendar, the 2023 Subway® Australia and New Zealand Convention in Melbourne!

The world has undergone monumental change over the past few years, and so has Subway®. We’ve simplified our marketing, reduced operational complexity, and focused our efforts on the things that make the most impact on Franchisee Profitability.

We’ve been listening to feedback from all levels of the organisation and are taking action to make improvements, knowing that we’ll only succeed if we work together. Everybody plays their part; it’s about getting the 1% right across a range of areas to deliver success like we’ve seen over the past year.

Going back to basics and reminding guests of the things they love about Subway®, has resonated with Aussies and Kiwi’s, providing consistent growth during a challenging time.

SUBCON 2023 is about celebrating the wins we’ve had together, collaborating on the next phase of our transformation, and learning about what’s coming for Subway® in the years ahead.

The past three years have been just the beginning of our transformation; we have a solid platform for growth, and I can’t wait to share our clear vision for where we’re going in 2023 and beyond.

So please join me for this important weekend filled with inspirational guest speakers, networking opportunities, educational business break-out sessions, the ever-popular Trade Show and Test Kitchen, SubJammers, and of course the pinnacle evening of the Subway® calendar: the 2023 Gala Awards Dinner.

Best regards,

Shane Bracken
Country Director
Subway® Australia and New Zealand