About Next-generation Restaurants

The Subway® brand is on a journey to transform. Guests have told us that we need to change, to evolve in order meet their expectations, and we’re listening. We are working hard to make things better for them and for restaurant teams. This work began with the Subway® NOW! Initiative, which was designed to strengthen key operational areas. It has continued with Subway® Next, which allows restaurants to make small, easy changes to help improve the guest experience. But, that work was just the beginning…

With Next-generation Restaurants, everything has a new look and feel! What you see, what you’ll do, and how you’ll act in the restaurant will be different. Making these important changes helps ensure that we’re in a position to move forward with our guests, and ready to make their day, every day.

There is a new décor

From our logo on the outside of the restaurant, to new flooring, wall coverings, wall art, and lighting on the inside, we want to show guests that Subway® restaurants are fresh, bright and modern. We’re also embracing digital technology. Digital menuboards and a remote order pick-up area, for example, let guests experience Subway® restaurants in a new way, but one that’s already a big part of their lives.

Operational procedures are changing too

Implementing of items like dine-in baskets and dishwashers (elements of Subway® Next), frees up restaurant teams to really focus on satisfying every guest. New pieces of equipment like the bread and veggie displays, will impact the way you do things and illustrate to guests that we’re raising the bar.