To book & plan all aspects of your Trade Booth/s, please click on the below link.


Note: if you have received an email confirming your Sponsorship and Exhibition booking, there is a link in that email to the Exhibition Portal.

All Exhibitors are required to complete the following action items via the Exhibitor Portal. If you are the contact for your Trade Booth, you will have received an email detailing Exhibitor Checklist items that are due within 14 days of your Exhibition Booth Booking.

Exhibitor Portal

An Exhibitor Portal has been set up for your Exhibitor Booth booking. The Portal displays your Booth details, invoices and a list of checklist items. The required documents can be uploaded via this Portal.

Exhibitor Checklist

All checklist items are due within 14 days of receipt of your Exhibition Booth confirmation.

The following items are to be uploaded via the Exhibitor Portal:

  1. 100 Word Company Profile
  2. Booth Signage – Click edit to view your booth signage. If this field is blank or incorrect, please enter the correct details
  3. Company Logo – .jpeg
  4. Certificate of Currency – Public Liability to AUD$20 million
  5. Sponsor Logo – Sponsors only – .eps or .ai file required
  6. Exhibition Booth Payment – Credit Card online payments

Exhibitor Registration

Every Exhibitor is required to complete a separate online Exhibitor registration (via the Exhibition Portal).

  • Two (2) x Inclusive Exhibitors are complimentary per booth booking (1 x Trade booth = 2 x Inclusive Exhibitors).
  • Additional Exhibitors are welcome and must register and pay as Additional Exhibitors.

The Exhibitor Manual and all other documents that will assist with your Exhibition planning is now available on the Convention website.