This award recognises a Franchise Owner who stands out amongst their peers as providing an exceptional contribution to building the brand within the region and is based on consideration of the following 10 factors:

  • Other Families
    Is the Franchise Owner involved with any other Subway® Families?
  • Local Restaurant Marketing
    What Local Restaurant Marketing is the Franchise Owner involved in?  Are they active in their community?
  • Assists Other Restaurants
    Is the Franchise Owner involved in any mentoring or assisting other restaurants?
  • Work in the Business
    Is the Franchise Owner active in their business?
  • Compliance
    Is the Compliance history of this Franchise Owner sound?
  • Meetings
    Does the Franchise Owner attend Conventions, territory meetings, FAF meetings etc?
  • Building Sales
    Are they actively driving key sales indicators?  What was their percentage for the year, compared to the territory, for :

    • Net sales and unit increases on last year
    • Add on sales
    • Catering sales
    • Miscellaneous sales
    • Drink incidence and percentage
    • Fresh Insights Dashboard Results and Overview
  • Promoting Subway Listens
    Do they have a very good rapid response time and template usage?
    Do they have a high NPS score and key indicator results?
    Are survey counts at least one survey count per day?
  • Training
    Do they have a high completion rate for Artistry, Artistry 2 and WPHS curricula’s?
    Do they have a manager trained through manager courses?
    Are they using UoS onboarding actively to train new team members?
    Have they attended the MUO seminar?
  • Other Factors
    Any other factors that help contribute to making this Franchise Owner a strong candidate?

Congratulations to the 2020 Franchise Owner of the Year Nominees

  • Nathan Castleman & Lyal Marshall, West VIC – Tsianakas / Abate
  • Matthew Chilcott, QLD / NT – Jensen
  • Matt Foster, Northern & Central NSW – Fuge
  • Glenda & David Howse, NZ North Island – Hawes / Paterson
  • Gavin Kerr, WA – Duffy / Lamerton / Koehne
  • Ercan Kilinc & Frank Vasquez, Sth Sydney NSW / ACT – Dimas
  • Dean MacLeod, NZ South Island – Hawes / Paterson
  • Kristie Rooney, East VIC / TAS – Lamerton
  • Donna Van De Water, SA – Kenny / Kenny

Franchise Owner of the Year 2018 Tracey McFarlane

Franchise Owner of the Year 2018